The Adjudication Society is proud to support Construction Dispute Resolution (CDR) in their continued research into adjudication.  

The research is the only work of its kind, having been carried out continuously and consistently since 1998 when statutory adjudication was introduced to the UK construction industry under the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996.  Over the years, reports have been produced on a regular basis, identifying trends and analysing the development of adjudication based on returned questionnaires from ANBs and adjudicators.

Reports 1-12 were carried out with the previous partner Glasgow Caledonian University and can be found on their website at

The most recent reports are available here:

Report No 19, November 2020 (550 KB)
Report No 18, December 2019 (1MB)
Report No 17, January 2019 (1MB)
Report No 16, April 2018 (800 KB)
Adjudicators' Fees, November 2017 (600 KB)
Report No 15, September 2016 (910 KB)
Report No 14, April 2016 (931 KB)
Report No 13, October 2014 (602 KB)
COBRA paper on intimidation in statutory adjudication (675 KB)