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The Chairman's notes

June, 2013
Ben Beaumont

There is a (still) new executive committee. Theresa Mohammed has retired through pressure of work as honorary secretary and I am assuming that role protem; any volunteers are welcome to email me!

As I reported in the last newsletter, the Society continues to enjoy a very stable financial position. In this context the Society agreed, upon invitation, to make a donation to the cost of providing the Lord Mayor’s float in November (£3,000) and the Committee also agreed to my suggestion that we join CityUK (for which there is an annual fee of £1,500). We must raise the profile for our members so that we can offer our judicial capacity skills in various areas. I can also report that we have been having informal meetings with Karl Mackie of CEDR.

I am happy to report that the interest in adjudication is ALMOST steady as are the numbers of members of our Society. Some branches are extremely active and I hope over the period of my two years in office that I am able to visit all the branches at some time or another. Although we have still more than 540 members, we have lost a proportion at renewal and I have contacted all these and received at least 12 replies all of which are positive save one (whose concerns I will discuss at the next board meeting).

Finally we are pleased to be publishing Guidance Notes. Congratulations and thanks to the entire team (Jeremy Glover, Matt Molloy, Philip Fidler, Rob Horne, Susan Francombe, William Webb and Claire King) under the whip of Nick Gould for their hard work.

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