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Chairman's Notes

March, 2018
Tim Willis

The committee has been busy holding committee meetings in January and March.

We have a new website subcommittee that is reviewing whether we can do more in engaging with members and a broader readership through the website.

The consultations on the Act and retentions have now closed. I attended a meeting with BEIS as part of the consultation. The timing coincided with the news of the insolvency of Carillion. Retentions and payment were at the front of peoples' minds but the cost of adjudication was also raised and the difficulty the industry has had in following the procedures of the Act. The recent Grove Developments case has also focussed minds on the payment procedures. It will be interesting to see whether payers will seek to avoid the "pay now argue later" regime and try to get a valuation dispute heard in order to avoid paying the notified sum.

The CIC has invited the nominating bodies to engage in an ANB forum that has held its first meeting. This may give rise to developments in terms of the harmonisation of the approach of nominating bodies to the process. There was also some discussion of the possibility of a low cost adjudication procedure or rules. The Adjudication Society will continue to participate in these initiatives and to update members on developments.

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