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Chairman's Notes

December, 2018
Richard Booth

Firstly, many thanks to Tim Willis for his chairmanship of the Society over the last two years, and to also thank him for agreeing to take over Glenn Godfrey’s position as newsletter co-ordinator from the next newsletter onwards.   In turn it is necessary to thank Glenn for the tireless work he has performed (efficiently and uncomplainingly) as newsletter co-ordinator for many years.   Glenn is stepping down from the committee and the Society thanks him for his support.    John Riches has also stood down from the Committee and we would like to similarly thank John for his enthusiastic, and always vocal and robust, opinions and support.    I am certain that we will continue to see both Glenn and John at future regional events and the annual conference.  

The new committee for the next two year period will comprise:

Chairman:  Richard Booth
Senior Vice-Chairman:  Hamish Lal
Treasurer:  Martin Ewen
Regional Liaison Officer:  Martin Potter
Secretary:  Susan Francombe
Conference Coordinator:  Edward Quigg

The general committee members will be:

James Cross QC
Lawrence Davies
Nicholas Gould
Gerald McLean
James Pickavance
Dean Sayers
Tim Willis

We have already held our first committee meeting since the annual conference and we welcome Dean Sayers to the executive committee.    I look forward to working with the committee during the forthcoming year.

I welcome views from the Society’s membership as to what they would like the committee to focus on, aside from the established core areas of the newsletter, regional events and the annual conference.   The sub-committees (details on the website) will continue to be active, where required, and I propose to outline their work in the next newsletter.

The 2018 annual conference was a huge success, attended by 150 delegates (see the separate conference report).  We hope for a similar turn out next year when the annual conference will be back in London (more details due to be circulated shortly).    A particular area which I believe we can improve is the number of regional events that are being hosted.   It is encouraging that the Society already has events lined up in Edinburgh, Bristol and Birmingham for January and February 2019, but we will look to provide the support felt necessary to the regions to help them arrange even more events over the next year.   Often the stumbling block to events is the need to find willing speakers so I encourage you to contact your local regional convenor (details on the website) if you are willing to speak.

As always, if you would like to participate in the work of the Society in your region then please contact Martin or myself.    In the meantime, the timing of this edition of the newsletter allows me to wish you a very merry Christmas and happy New Year.

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