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Chairman's Notes

October, 2020
Richard Booth

Well done to Daniel Churcher and Tim Willis for pulling together the first of a new era of Adjudication Society newsletters.  This newsletters has some excellent content on topical subjects.   

This week marks our Annual Conference (Thursday 29 October) which is the first Conference we have held "virtually".   I encourage members to register for the Conference (free to attend for members) which will be kicked off with a key note address from the Judge in charge of the TCC, the Honourable Mrs Justice O'Farrell DBE.   We expect to host the 2021 Conference in Manchester this time next year (assuming we avoid a further continuation of the ongoing pandemic) with the Conference then returning to London in 2022.

This year has been a disrupted year for the Society, given the impossibility of hosting in person meetings and talks, but we hope to be back with some interesting talks in the New Year and throughout 2021 (possibly hybrid talks, both in person and virtual, to start with).   In the meantime, I hope that the Society's members and families all remain well.

The Society is making arrangements for an AGM later in the year which will also need to be conducted virtually, with proxy and virtual voting options to be circulated in advance.   I thank the rest of the Executive Committee for their support over the past two years and look forward to continuing to support the Committee moving forward.

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