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March, 2013
Claire Packman & Jennie Gillies

If there is one theme which runs through the articles which feature in this quarter’s newsletter it is that the world is one surprising place. We became accustomed to surprises in 2012 (what with the Queen ditching the Bentley and arriving at the Olympic Park by parachute) and whilst somewhat less dramatic, 2012 was no less unexpected in the construction world given the Court of Appeal’s decision in PC Harrington Contractors Ltd v Sytech International Ltd (in relation to adjudicators’ fees) and the TCC’s decision in Walter Lilly v Mackay (on the recoverability of global claims). Adding to our coverage of the former in December’s edition we are therefore pleased to bring you two articles considering the implications for the future and an article considering the implications of Walter Lilly v Mackay in the context of adjudication. This theme continues, albeit in relation to the surprise results of a Glasgow Caledonian University Adjudication Reporting Centre Report (number 12), which are discussed further by Mark Entwistle in his article considering the steps which can be taken by the parties to avoid those unwelcome surprise appointments by Adjudicator Nominating Bodies. Further afield we are also delighted to be able to showcase an article explaining more about Adjudication in Queensland from Robert Gemmell and Russell Welsh.

The commendations which have been made by our new chairman to the many individuals who play such important roles in the Adjudication Society are well made. Those credits ought also to extend to our frequent contributors to the newsletter who not only make our editorial task so much easier (by providing decent copy!) but also contribute on a regular basis on topics both home and away. On the home front, particular thanks are owed to James Golden, JR Hartley and the team at Fenwick Elliott for their regular contributions which we are delighted to be able to include again in the newsletter.

We always welcome articles from new contributors and if there are topics upon which you would like to see an article (or contribute) please do get in touch with Glenn Godfrey (glenng@hotmail.co.uk.) or the editors (jgillies@4pumpcourt.com / cpackman@4pumpcourt.com.)

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