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September, 2013
Jennie Gillies

The focus of this quarter’s newsletter is upon the Referral process itself. In the third of James Golden’s excellent Back to Basics series, readers will find a useful guide and refresher to the process by which parties can get their dispute into the hands of an adjudicator. This is a timely article coinciding as it does with the re-launch, during this August, of the Technology and Construction Bar Association’s Adjudication panel; details of this, together with the 2012 TECBAR Adjudication Rules, can be found in Calum Lamont’s article. Bringing this topic to a close, John Riches tells tale of giants, embroidery and the simultaneous referral of multiple disputes - three topics not always found together in childhood fairy tales (although no doubt had adjudication been an integral part of life in 19th century Germany, no doubt the Brothers Grimm would have included them too!)

The newsletter also includes our regular and popular contributions – JR Hartley’s Complaints Corner, an update on recent cases from the team at Fenwick Elliot and the quarterly update on the protracted gestation of the Construction Contracts Act in Ireland (which really is getting there …)

With the eyes of the world turning on events in the Middle East, there will be an international focus to the December edition of the newsletter – if you would like to contribute, please do get in touch (jgillies@4pumpcourt.com or glenng@hotmail.co.uk).

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