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Paul Boardwell v K3D Property Partnership

An article by Paul Newman, May 2006

Jurisdiction (Challenges and How to Deal With Them)

Presentation by John Riches to the London Branch of the Adjudication Society. A PowerPoint presentation, in PDF format

Multi-party adjudication & Getting paid

Notes from a meeting of the Society in London on 10 December 2002, at which Delia Dumaresq (Atkin Chambers) and Chris Hough (Fenwick Elliott) give their views on 'multi-party adjudication' and 'getting paid' respectively.

Recent Developments: Domestic and International

A talk by Nicholas Gould at the 10th Adjudication Update Seminar in London, 8 November 2004

The Negligent Adjudicator

A talk by Philip Naughton Q.C. at the Adjudication Society Annual Conference, 18 November 2004

The Expert Witness - Construction

A talk by David Scott, Partner, McGrigors, on 13 December 2004

Acts of Dissatisfaction

Notes on a discussion introduced by Professor Phillip Capper (Partner, Lovells) and Dr Julian Critchlow (Partner, Fenwick Elliott) on 26 April 2001

Five Good Things and Five Bad Things about Adjudication

a talk by Guy Cottam, May 2001

Some personal perspectives

Notes on a talk by John McGuire, on 16 May 2001

Adjudication - four and a half years on

a talk by The Hon. Mr Justice Forbes, November 2002

Mediating Shipping Disputes

a paper by Gareth Rowland Thomas, 2003

The Settlement of Manufacturing Plant Construction Disputes

a paper by Corbett Haselgrove-Spurin, 2003

'Dispute Resolution Boards' under the auspices of the DRBF

a paper by Corbett Haselgrove-Spurin, 2003

Practical Planning and the SCL Delay and Disruption Protocol

a paper by Gerry McCaffrey, 27 Feb 2003

Professional Insurers view of Adjudication

a paper by Bill Gloyn, 29 May 2003

One Stop Shop - Arbitration, Mediation and Adjudication

A talk by His Honour Peter Bowsher QC FCIArb at a joint meeting between The Adjudication Society, The Society of Construction Arbitrators and The Association of Independent Construction Adjudicators in London on December 17 2003

How can we improve Adjudication?

A talk by Dr Robert Gaitskell QC at a meeting of the Adjudication Society in Bristol on 24 February 2004

Themes from the Court of Appeal

Powerpoint notes from a presentation by John Redmond at a meeting of the Adjudication Society in Bristol on 24 February 2004

Blue Standards for Adjudicators

Notes from a talk by Tony Bingham entitled "Let's have a chat about adjudication", given to the Society on 22 April 2004 in London.

Bad Decisions

PowerPoint slides from a talk by John Riches to the Society in London on September 9 2004


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