Diversity in Adjudication Initiative

On 7 November 2022, the Centre of Construction Law & Dispute Resolution at King’s College London (working in collaboration with The Adjudication Society) produced its report ‘2022 Construction Adjudication in the United Kingdom: Tracing trends and guiding reform’. One of the key finding of this was report was that only 7.88% of Adjudicators in the UK are women. The Adjudication Society is committed to improving this statistic as a first step to increasing diversity in construction adjudication more generally.

The Adjudication Society has set a target of increasing the number of female adjudicators to 30% and has identified two immediate initiatives to achieve this.

  1. The Equal Representation in Adjudication Pledge, AND
  2. Women in Adjudication

To learn more about the Equal Representation in Adjudication Pledge (the “Pledge”) and to take the Pledge click here.

To learn more about Women in Adjudication and what you can do to get involved click here.