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On 20th September 2022 we held the first in a series of adjudication practical workshops designed to raise and debate the practicalities of various topics which arise during adjudication proceedings. The topic was ‘Adjudicator’s Terms and Conditions’.

Earlier this year I acted as adjudicator in four related adjudications that ran simultaneously, and I thought it would be worthwhile sharing my experience as I think there are some interesting points for parties and their representatives who might be considering using adjudication for multiparty disputes.

Notes from the Chairman, Hamish Lal

This Report has the potential to alert the adjudication community to perceived problems so it can respond to change and ensure that the current success of the process is built upon, and the process responds to wider societal changes.

In this article Carly Thorpe discusses the Technology & Construction Court and the Court of Appeal's approach to dealing with allegations of fraud relating to adjudication.

We are sad to report the passing of John Redmond at the start of November.

The UK faces a difficult winter with inflation and the soaring cost of energy putting a very real squeeze on incomes for the foreseeable future. Everyone is having to do more with less or do without entirely and the construction industry is no exception.

What are the circumstances in which an adjudicator is required to raise matters with the parties before reaching a decision?

The paradox of encouraging prompt and fair payment within the water and sewerage industries without the Construction Act.

A cautionary tale and a new point of law.

Franco Mastransdrea gives a real-world account of an Adjudicator “taking the initiative”, and having that initiative ultimately endorsed by the Court.

The long view of the enforcement of adjudicators’ decisions.

Notes from the Editor, Daniel Churcher

Counting days – a moot point.

Notes from the Chairman, Hamish Lal

Notes from the Chairman, Hamish Lal

Notes from the Editor, Daniel Churcher

What are the circumstances in which a court will require a party to comply with a tiered dispute resolution clause before going to Court?

An introduction to the conflict avoidance process scheme.

An obituary for Roger Knowles from Paul Jensen, Ian Strathdee & Suzanne Miller.