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Lucy has gone on a long, well deserved holiday and has delegated the compilation of this issue to me. As our holidays overlapped, I may have missed a contribution or two - I apologise now if I have.

It is a fact that Adjudication has obtained a much wider popularity than was ever thought possible or probable.

I am pleased that my original article obviously struck a chord with many readers, and grateful to Lucy for selecting and printing two thought provoking replies – from Steve Rudd and Jeremy Hackett.

Those new to Dispute Boards, particularly those serving as Dispute Board Members make the fundamental mistake of confusing a Dispute Board Decision with that of an Arbitration Award. The two are different.

As it is now 10 years since the Adjudication Reporting Centre, at Glasgow Caledonian University was launched, it was only fitting that on the 12th of June 2008 the launch preview of the latest ARC report was held there.

Summer is upon us and change is afoot, for example and much to the despair of Martin Potter, England has a new cricket captain who hopes to rally his team and bring about a new dawn. Similarly the Construction Industry and in particular the dispute world is about to encounter change.