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Problems with Adjudication in the UK

John Redmond ( a great contributor to the Newsletter) of Osborne Clark, Solicitors,
responded to the Editors views “that Arbitration can learn much from Adjudication”.

This issue sees the first of our quarterly Society Newsletters. Further issues will appear in April, July and October. Again we are grateful, in this issue, to a number of contributors as we try to cover new ground, and issues, emerging from the world of dispute resolution.

The question put to members by the Editor by e mail) was :

SIMON TOLSON of Fenwick Elliott gets a grilling from the Editor !!

LB: You had another successful Fenwick Elliot Adjudication Review in November, what is your perception now of the market place as far as adjudication is concerned?

Following the Adjudication Conference 20th November, 2002 the following have agreed, by response to Richard Bayfield’s email seeking volunteers, to form the Constitution Group.

The panellists to this session were John Riches, an experienced Arbitrator and Adjudicator and co-author of the text Construction Adjudication, Chris Hough, solicitor and partner in the law firm Fenwick Elliott, and David Blake, current Chairman of the North East branch of the Chartered Institute

The view of the RICS on the question of change to the legislation governing construction adjudication is that it is largely unnecessary and unlikely.