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At last month’s Annual Meeting the management of the Adjudication Society was passed to an elected committee.
We are pleased to send you the last Newsletter of 2003. We again have some int [and quarterly thereafter] and we should have a comprehensive case summary then, but cases are also on the website as well as articles etc. Grateful thanks to our many contributors during the years.

The Editor Posed the following questions to members b:
“What do you think was the most significant development in Adjudication during 2003?” [please not England winning the World Cup, anonymous Scotsman ]

“What is the most significant change you would like to see in 2004 ?”

Almost all of the cases concerning adjudication that you read about in these pages concern challenges to the adjudicator’s jurisdiction, which are raised as a defence to an application to the Court to enforce the adjudicator’s decision.

I am honoured to be taking over the Chairmanship of the Society and somewhat daunted by the act I have to follow. Peter Chapman created and largely funded the Society in its formative years and we now have over 950 members. We all wish Peter well in his Presidency of the Dispute Board Foundation.