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Those of you who are fans of the Fast Show will remember Jesse, the character who came out of the loo or a barn and announced what he ‘had mostly been doing that week’. He may well have been deluded when he announced he had been living on a diet of rubber tyres but at least he knew what was going on in ‘Jesse world’.

Frying tonight is a regular occurrence in our village. It is part of village life. The local chippy is open about as often as the days when a van used to come round delivering the fish and chips.

There is no correct format or style for an Adjudicator’s Decision; it is all a matter of personal choice for the Adjudicator. There are some basic principles that ought to be followed. 
The Decision ought to look like a ‘professional piece of work’.
It is a fact that Adjudication has obtained a much wider popularity than was ever thought possible or probable.