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"Pacta Sunt Servanda" - or are they? An Introduction to the Enforcement of Arbitration Agreements

A revised version of a paper delivered by Tomas Kennedy-Grant, QC, to a meeting of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators on 26 June 2007

A Mock Adjudication for the Festive Season

Papers from 'Rudolph's Revenge III or Flodden Field -v- Bannockburn - the Decider', a Mock Adjudication for the Festive Season held at The Great Hall, King's College, Strand, London, on Friday 14th December 2007

Fairness in Decision Making

A paper given by Her Honour Judge Frances Kirkham at a meeting of members of the Adjudication Society, 30 October 2007

The Liability of Adjudicators

A PowerPoint presentation by John Sheils, to the Adjudication Society on 19 September 2007

Contract Formation: The Theory, The Rules and their application to Construction Contracts

A paper by Robert Stevenson

Documents Needed for an Effective Adjudication - A View from an NZ Adjudicator

Paper given by Tómas Kennedy-Grant at an International Adjudication Conference in Singapore on September 19 2005

The Negligent Adjudicator

A talk by Philip Naughton Q.C. at the Adjudication Society Annual Conference, 18 November 2004

Adjudication Strategy - A UK Lawyer's Perspective

Paper given by Nicholas Gould at an International Adjudication Conference in Singapore on September 19 2005

Dispute Resolution and Adjudication: a general overview

Paper given at a seminar, 'Introduction to Construction Adjudication', Kenya, 22 September 2005

Blue Standards for Adjudicators

Notes from a talk by Tony Bingham entitled "Let's have a chat about adjudication", given to the Society on 22 April 2004 in London.

Bad Decisions

PowerPoint slides from a talk by John Riches to the Society in London on September 9 2004

The Expert Witness - Construction

A talk by David Scott, Partner, McGrigors, on 13 December 2004

Recent Developments: Domestic and International

A talk by Nicholas Gould at the 10th Adjudication Update Seminar in London, 8 November 2004

Money Laundering: Problems for Adjudicators

Notes by Delia Dumaresq for the London Branch Adjudication Society Meeting, 3 February 2005

Money Laundering: Relevance for Adjudicators

Outline paper by Harry Hodgkin for the London Branch Adjudication Society Meeting, 3 February 2005

Construction Act Review 2004

A PowerPoint Presentation by Sir Michael Latham on the Construction Act Review, presented to the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (London Branch), 7 February 2005

It's alright for the lawyers and judges but are adjudicators, arbitrators, valuers and clients ensnared in the Proceeds of Crime Act?

A paper by Tim Willis

But is it on the critical path?

Notes from an evening seminar with Peter Curtis (Ladymead Projects Ltd) held on the 12 May 2005

'Dispute Resolution Boards' under the auspices of the DRBF

a paper by Corbett Haselgrove-Spurin, 2003

The Settlement of Manufacturing Plant Construction Disputes

a paper by Corbett Haselgrove-Spurin, 2003

Mediating Shipping Disputes

a paper by Gareth Rowland Thomas, 2003

Adjudication - four and a half years on

a talk by The Hon. Mr Justice Forbes, November 2002

Training of Adjudicators and Adjudicators' Decisions

Notes on a talk by Chris Dancaster, on 13 December 2001

Inaugural Meeting of the North West Branch of the Adjudication Society

Notes on a discussion led by Chris Randle, Regional Director of John Mowlem & Company plc, on 16 May 2001

Practical Planning and the SCL Delay and Disruption Protocol

a paper by Gerry McCaffrey, 27 Feb 2003