Edward Quigg

The Committee is continuing to make progress on our plans for the year.  We plan to launch the new website in time for the annual AGM and conference, so do remember to email me any thoughts you have so we can incorporate them. 

We have decided to make some changes to the annual conference. The most significant is that we will now hold it every two years in London and in a region in the intervening years.  Hopefully this will address members’ concerns that the Society is too London focused.

I set out in the previous newsletter what the committee’s plans were for the coming year and am pleased to report that progress has been made on nearly all fronts.

Our first priority will be to maintain the levels of excellence we have achieved in certain areas.

As disputes in relation to procurement and tendering are becoming more common both Contractors and Employers often consider whether or not an adjudication process would be an efficient way of resolving the disputes.