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A full-house meeting at Ove Arup's London Offices in mid December heard Delia Dumaresq (Atkin Chambers) and Chris Hough (Fenwick Elliott) give their views on 'multi-party adjudication' and 'getting paid' respectively. A summary of these excellent presentations is given below.

Although touted as an informal procedure capable of being operated by parties without the need for expensive representation, the reality is that most participants prefer not to represent themselves.

Hole searching is a popular pastime with lawyers, particularly over the Christmas Season when there is little else to do. Frustration with mothers-in-law and mince pies builds to such an extent that release has to be found.

This is a response by Peter Morton to Chris Dancaster’s recent talk in Bristol:

Welcome to all members to our first Newsletter 0f 2002.

I am very grateful to this month’s contributors for a wide range of views. We start the Year 2002 with a big bang –a wide range of commentaries on the adjudication process.