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In the Chair

Very recently Sir Michael Latham presented his first report to the Department of Trade and Industry. In a fairly lengthy letter he recapped on the purposes of the Act and the re-promoted his original proposal for Trust Funds, which he first proposed in Trust and Money in 1993. This is probably a dead recommendation because they are impractical.
Dear Members, not too much to report on the Adjudication front but we again have some interesting contributions to consider and in particular some thoughts from Tony Bingham. Chairman Guy Cottam refers to the latest news on the Latham Review and members will find

The following is the script of question and answer panel session at recent CIARB Training day for Adjudicators.

Parties beware: The Inquisitorial Adjudicator!

Tony Bingham spoke to an audience of 35 on the Blue Standard Approach to Adjudication. The event held at the Birmingham Chamber Commerce and Industry on 28 July attracted a mixture of existing members and new members and provided a forum for debating the role of the adjudicator.

This paper was presented to delegates attending a CIARB [Scottish Branch] Advanced Adjudicator Tra