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The Midlands Region held an evening talk on 23 June in which the question of the desirability and purpose of a Code of Conduct for adjudicators was debated.

The Society made its submission to the DTI following the Latham Review and this may be seen on the Society Website.

Adjudication is spreading around the world. The Society is in talks about setting up affiliates in Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Singapore and is in contact with a similar group in Australia. As it expands there is a need to ensure that the quality of adjudicators is maintained at a very high standard. The Society is undertaking a major study into the requirements for

I am a TOG! There I have come out. No press harassment, no blackmail, it was just something which I thought I had to do.

For those of you too young to remember (or indeed too old!) TOG stands for Terry (Wogan)'s Old Geezer.

There are a number of changes in the air which will impact on business at the Technology & Construction Court (“TCC”) all of which will inevitably affect members of the Adjudication Society. It is too early to say quite what these changes will mean, but everyone should be aware of them.