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When Glenn Godfrey and I first turned our minds to the content of this quarter’s newsletter it appeared that something rather unusual might have just taken place.

There is a (still) new executive committee. Theresa Mohammed has retired through pressure of work as honorary secretary and I am assuming that role protem; any volunteers are welcome to email me!

I came across a complaint from a party who, in their eyes at least, had “won” an adjudication, but couldn’t understand why the adjudicator had apportioned liability for some of his fees to them.

It has generally been accepted that only one dispute can be referred to adjudication. Although the court has generally been amenable to finding that multiple disputes have not been referred, there have been cases where a challenge on this basis has succeeded.

Progress on the Irish Construction Contracts Bill 2010 comes sporadically rather than consistently. When passed, it will likely attain a record for the longest period between introduction in the Oireachtas (parliament) and signature by the President.

The Adjudication Society has recently published four additional Guidance Notes. These are:

1. Guidance Note: Construction Contracts and Construction Operations;
2. Guidance Note: Adjudicator’s Liens;
3. Guidance Note: Natural Justice;