Inaugural Honorary President & Election of Ordinary Members of the Executive Committee

Inaugural Honorary President

I am delighted to announce that the Executive Committee has elected our inaugural Honorary President, Victoria Russell.

Victoria Russell

As Members may know, Victoria is hugely experienced and has led several seminal institutions and societies, including the Society of Construction Law, the Worshipful Company of Constructors, the Worshipful Company of Arbitrators, the European Society for Construction Law, and the Glass DoorHomeless Charity. The Adjudication Society is progressive, ambitious, and acutely aware of what the next generation (rightly)  expects and demands.  In that context, it is timely and important that we have secured Victoria to be our very first Honorary President.

General Members of the Executive Committee

I thank all those Members who voted in the recent election. I am now pleased to report that the following have been duly elected to serve as General Members of the Executive Committee:

  • Bernadette Barker
  • Amy Bonczyk
  • Nicholas Gould
  • Hamish Lal
  • Suryen Nullatamby
  • James O'Donoghue
  • James Pickavance
  • Carly Thorpe

I am grateful to all the Candidates and send sincere commiserations to those who, sadly, were not elected this year - Please don’t give up. I congratulate warmly all those elected, and I recognise the new talent, new aspirations and new energy - this is wholly impressive.

Hamish Lal, Chairman