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An obituary for Roger Knowles from Paul Jensen, Ian Strathdee & Suzanne Miller.

An introduction to the conflict avoidance process scheme.

What are the circumstances in which a court will require a party to comply with a tiered dispute resolution clause before going to Court?

A review of adjudication as a dispute resolution mechanism in various jurisdictions.

Notes from the Editor, Daniel Churcher

Notes from the Chairman, Hamish Lal

[2022] EWCA Civ 153
Key terms:
Adjudication; Adjudicator’s Fees; Bad faith; Resignation; Adjudicators’ powers and duties
[2022] EWHC 155 (TCC)
Key terms:
Enforcement; Summary Judgment; Contra Charge; Jurisdictional Challenge; Arbitration; Power Station.
[2022] EWHC 53 (TCC)
Key terms:
Adjudicators' decisions; Contract terms; Defences; Enforcement; Jurisdiction; Liquidated damages; Natural justice; Rectification; Summary judgments