Executive Committee Elections 2018

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Executive Committee Elections 2018

4 June, 2018

Under Paragraphs 8.1 and 9.1.2 of the Society's Constitution, the membership of the Executive Committee for 2018-2019 is required to be elected at the 2018 Annual General Meeting which is to be held during the Society's Conference on 8th November 2018. 

The Honorary Officers namely the Chairman, the Senior Vice-Chairman, the Junior Vice-Chairman, the Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Conference Organiser and the Honorary Regional Co-ordinator together with the current ordinary members of the Executive Committee retire under Paragraph 9.2 of the Constitution but are eligible for re-election.

The Honorary Officers and the ordinary members of the Executive Committee are elected by electronic ballot of all paid up members through the Society's Website prior to the Annual General Meeting and confirmation of their election will be sought at the Annual General Meeting. 

In order to meet the date of the Annual General Meeting, the following timetable will be implemented:

Any fully paid up member of the Society wishing to stand for election should indicate his/her intention to do so stating for which Honorary Office he/she wishes to stand or whether as an ordinary member, to the Honorary Secretary (Susan Francombe) by email to susanf@no-red-tape-law.co.ukby 1700 hours on the closing date for nominations of 19th July 2018 in the case of nominations for the Honorary Officers or 27th September 2018 in respect of the ordinary members. His/her candidacy should be supported by two fully paid up members who should also notify the Honorary Secretary by email of their support.

If more than one properly nominated person stands for any of the Honorary Officer positions and/or more than 8 properly nominated persons stand for the ordinary member seats on the Executive Committee, an election will be held. Each of the candidates should therefore provide with his/her notification of intention to standto the Honorary Secretary, again by email, a short election statement (maximum 100 words). This will, if necessary, be displayed on the Website and linked to the names of the person standing for election. 

To the extent that any election is necessary:

Richard Bayfield and Martin Potter will act as joint Returning Officers.

Voting by fully paid up members of the Society will take place electronically through the Website between 2nd August 2018 and 23rd August 2018 in respect of the Honorary Officers and between 11th October 2018 and 1st November 2018 for the ordinary members.

On or before 9th September 2018, the joint Returning Officers will sign the results and notify the Chairman and the Honorary Secretary of the result of any ballot for the position of any the Honorary Officers. This result will be posted on the website. On or before 8th November 2018 the joint Returning Officers will sign the results and notify the Chairman of the Annual General Meeting of the result of any ballot for the ordinary membership of the Executive Committee.

On 8th November 2018 results of the ballot for the ordinary membership of the Executive Committee will be announced at and approval sought for the result of both elections from the Annual General Meeting. Approval will also be sought for any uncontested position at the Annual General Meeting.

Tim Willis
4th June 2018



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